Terms & Conditions

The conditions below apply throughout this insurance. Failure to comply with them may be prejudicial to a claim.

  • Cancellation/ Extension of Policy:-

    1. Cancellation of the policy may be done ONLY in case where a journey is not undertaken.
      The policy may be cancelled by the insured by giving a written request to the Insurance
      Company with reasonable time as acceptable to the Company. Such cancellation will be subject to deduction of cancellation charges.
    2. In case of any extension of stay abroad, requiring extension of policy period, approval of issuing office to be obtained and appropriate premium paid before expiry of policy. Request or such extension should be supported with a declaration of good health. In such case if the insured has suffered from any illness or accident during the existing policy period, the same shall not be covered under extended policy.
  • In case of any early return of the insured person prior to expiry of the policy period the Company will refund premium at the following rates subject to no claims being preferred under the policy.